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How does Climax Answers work?

Learn more about Climax Answers.

How does Climax Answers work?

Learn more about Climax Answers.

What you need to become an expert

To become a subject expert on our platform, you must sign up as an expert and enter your email and password.

You will need to indicate which area of expertise you are in; then, a test will appear, depending on your expertise, for you to download.

After registering, You will be given 24 hours to complete the test. If you score 80% and above and submit it on time, you will eventually qualify to be part of our team. If you fail to achieve 80% or do not submit it on time, you will automatically be disqualified, and you will try again after 90 days.

Every question you answer correctly and students approve will remain in your account, and many students can access and buy it as often as possible.

As an expert, you can also upload questions and answers you think students need.

There will be transparency on everything, the questions bought by the students and the earned and payable money.

You will be receiving your payment after every 15 days depending on the number of questions bought by the students. It's essential to be the first to answer questions depending on the area of expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can be a subject expert in Climaxanswers. You will need to sign up as an expert and indicate your education and area of expertise. A downloadable test will appear, requiring you to do it within 24 hours and submit it back. You will be required to score more than 80% for you to qualify as subject expertise.

It will need some effort, but it's worthwhile if you are serious about earning good cash.

Top earners in ClimaxAnswers make well over $5000 per year, but your ClimaxAnswers earnings will depend on how much effort you are willing to put in.

You scroll down the available questions that still need to be answered until you find the one you think you can reply to the most satisfactory. You will be given approximately 2 hours to work on it and submit it. The student who had asked that question will receive a notification in the email that the question asked is already answered. The student can come back and purchase the answer.

However, you can earn money by posting questions you have already solved—post as many questions as possible, followed by their correct answers.

The excellent part about ClimaxAnswers is that all the questions answered by experts belong to them. Thus they will earn a lifetime. That is why experts are encouraged to post as many questions as possible to maximize their earnings.

ClimaxAnswers takes a commission of 30 to 40 per cent from every question purchased by a student. This is to support the platform to continue offering services to students looking for academic help and subject experts.

ClimaxAnswers offer experts various options to receive their payments. But, currently, we send payments through PayPal. With time we will start offering options such as payoneer, transfers, and western union.

You will receive your payment after every 15 days. In Climaxanswers, no minimum amount will be needed to withdraw your earnings from your account.

There isn’t. This is one of the best things about this platform. You can log in and work anywhere and anytime. This is awesome since you can work around other responsibilities.

Note that although there are no set deadlines, there are deadlines for a question once you take a question to answer it. You will be given a time limit of 2 hours for each question that you agree to answer. You will be required to complete answering the question within the time limit to receive good feedback on your profile.

Absolutely no.

This is because you will answer a question then the student will buy that answer. If the student doesn't buy the answer, this question and answer will remain there for another student to purchase it. You will stay to be the lifetime owner of that answer, and it will be purchased forever. So, you shouldn't mind if the student doesn't buy the answer since other students will later need the same help.

If you are interested in becoming a ClimaxAnswers subject expert, you can (go here (insert link)) to apply.

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